Glorious Pro Level Brushes

Let’s return to our step-by-step and talk about some tools of the trade before we get overexcited on the topic of eyes.

There is constant debate about brushes swirling around which ones are necessary, how much you should spend and whether you really even need them so I can only give you my perspective. But my perspective is everyone is wrong and no one should even get their sticky fingers near an eyeshadow without a professional brush in hand.

Brushes are a blessing from our creator to save us from blotchy eyeshadow, uneven eyeliner and streaky blush and bronzer. You don’t need millions of them and you can even get away with budget versions but the day you own a full set of real hair, high quality brushes you will wonder how anyone survives otherwise. The bonus of doing a professional makeup course is your brush set is blissfully included in your fees so you avoid the pain of really knowing how much you paid for them. The bonus of working for a company like Bobbi Brown is that they like to give you stuff including brushes for free! (ALL OF THE THINGS!!!)

So I hate to think what my brush set has cost me in fees and working hours but when they have lasted for 7 years and feel like silk, who cares.

Priority brushes for the non-professional makeup artist: powder brush, blush brush, bronzer brush (or one of the two if you don’t wear both bronzer and blush – more on that later), large soft shadow brush, soft angle brush, socket brush, eyeliner brush, sharp angle brush, and lip brush.

I have about 4 of each plus some but these are your priorities. As I said, these don’t have to be expensive but the higher quality the easier the application and the longer they will last.

Your powder and blush brush are self explanatory. A bronzer brush is large, round and only has a soft curve for even application of bronzer all over.

Your large soft shadow brush is for blending and application of your base colour, the soft angle brush is for definition and colours, socket brush equals sexy smokey eye, liner brush is a must have for liquid or gel eyeliners, and angle brush is perfect for powder eyeliner and eyebrows. Lip brush – duh.

Take care of these babies – they have the potential to transform you into Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks, so wash them regularly in sard soap, shampoo and conditioner (better results than the $35 brush cleaners) and give them a quick clean after each use with a spray of isopropyl alcohol (cheapest from bunnings hardware).

You can collect a huge assortment of these in all shapes and sizes and if you love experimenting with makeup you’ll find a huge list of others that you love using but this handful are my go-to and are adaptable enough to create a range of looks.

Trick when choosing, avoid anything that is too soft or doesn’t have much shape or stiffness. Regardless of shape if they are too soft you won’t be able to do much with them.

Simple advice today but a key step before moving onto my all-time favourite topic: Eye Makeup.

All my love,

L xx



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