Challenge Yourself

Time to get motivated people. Yesterday I finished an exam for uni and have been juggling full time work, part time uni, gym, friends and Taekwondo for a long time. I made the executive decision to take 3 months off uni to train for my 3rd dan black belt grading in December. (I know what you’re thinking and yes I am a makeup clad, high heel wearing black belt, and no I don’t like breaking a nail. That shit hurts.)

I have been doing Taekwondo for about ten years, having started in school when I was 16. It has given me confidence, strength, and the knowledge that I can do more than I ever expected, not to mention allowed me to meet inspiring people who I consider my second family. I would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat to try out self defence, particularly girls.

This will most likely be my last grading as the time commitments required to grade are immense, physical demands intense and injuries inevitable. My mum wanted me to stop at probationary black belt but I now have two gold stripes on my belt and I can’t resist reaching for a third.

So this brings me to 13 weeks of dedicated training and careful eating to prepare myself. I am grading alongside a friend: male, 20 years old and fitter and faster than I could ever dream to be, so hauling my somewhat jiggly behind around isn’t going to cut it on the day when I am expected to complete two on one sparring, self defence/grappling, patterns, tile break, two power breaks (stacked boards) and a break with two feet in the air. Cue minor meltdown.

My previous gradings seemed simpler, I am 6 ft tall and for my first dan weighed 70kgs – there was not a inch of fat on me, but I was lean and slim. My second dan grading I had just been through a major break up and weighed almost 63 kgs. Skinny but miserable and no muscle worth mentioning. But I was fit. Now, I am a ridiculous 73.5 kgs and a mix of serious flub and underlying abs. Fitter than I was 6 months ago, but on a serious schedule to get in shape in time. So the following weeks I’ll be documenting my progress, maybe you won’t care, maybe you’ll be interested in learning about the kind of training I do, or maybe you’d just like some reassurance that you can make major changes to your body in a relatively short frame of time.

As ridiculous as it sounds, my body is ageing at 26 and I can no longer get away with inhaling chocolate for breakfast and still managing to be fit and slim, this level of grading is also more intense than what I have experienced and I personally have not known another female to do it (there are many who do, I’m just saying I’m not lucky enough to have seen one myself so I am comparing myself to 20 and 30 -something year old males who have gone before me in my class). I have a lot of work to do.

I am scared. I am excited. I am motivated. I am determined. I want to make others proud, and I want to show myself what I am capable of.

Bring it on.

L xx


Tile break, 2nd dan grading
Tile break, 2nd dan grading



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