I work out…

Well at least I used to. Prior to this week I was happily chipping away at my Taekwondo grading, training twice a week – an hour and a half each, gym at least twice a week, and walking/outdoor session at least once a week. I even just came up with a fantastic weekly schedule for my remaining 6 odd weeks until grading and feeling super keen about life in general and the prospect of having a smoking body by Christmas.

Then something in my hip casually snapped last Monday and I am now a whining, miserable human being nursing a back injury (apparently it’s all related, I dunno…) but fear not! Injury or no injury, I have a deadline people and while I do, I thought I’d share my approach to health and fitness. Please keep in mind I am no walking mass of sculpted muscle and smooth tight skin (not that I don’t daydream about it), I have a far too severe addiction to chocolate to ever look like that. But that may be more of a reason for you to get off the couch and try something new today, because you don’t have to look like Kayla Itsines to feel healthy, as nice as that would be.

So the main part of my exercise is Taekwondo as mentioned, and while I can talk all day about the benefits of it, I think you’re doing pretty well providing you find an activity that gets you out of the door in the first place. My encouragement comes from training with a group who love to joke about my laziness if I don’t show up. So, get my ass to training: Problem. Solved. But on Tkd – it’s amazing for self confidence and some seriously challenging work outs that you struggle through because you’re still having fun and hope to feel like a total badass one day.

Secondary is gym time. I freakin hate the gym. BUT! If you have a clear idea of what you want to look like, feel like or be able to achieve, it’s a great way of getting there. Want arms like that chick on Pinterest. F$ck yeah I’m going to the gym! Plug the music in, tune out and it can become a form of moving meditation as far as I’m concerned.

Next: get outdoors. Walk, stretch, Google an outdoor routine, whatever. Mine is (was *sob*) a jump routine to increase your jump height. Hurts like a biatch. Totally worth it.

Otherwise just get moving when you can. Which is where my little Fitbit comes in – legendary.

Clear goals is the most cliche thing I could say right now but it’s true. My goal is functional – what I want to achieve on grading day, but also aesthetic. Strong is sexy.

Diet wise I am the worst person to talk to, so go read the Dolce Diet for some exceptionally realistic advice. I also take vitamin c, a probiotic, and a spoon of coconut oil each morning and it has done wonders for my energy and immune system. Chocolate works too.

6 weeks til Christmas – go!!!




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