Just Got Real


A crazy exciting announcement: Morgan & Elwood just became a real live thing! Gone are the endless days of planning in my head, the never ending business plan, and notes scribbled everywhere. It’s ALIIIVVVVVEEEEE people!

So sure it’s not the full plan yet but I had to start somewhere so I have officially opened my own little delicious beauty room above a hair salon, plastered in my favourite photos, with my favourite books shelved for reading by whoever walks in, and business cards and flyers offering a range of beauty, makeup and tanning services.

If you think shopping is good. Wait til you try starting your own business “which skincare range, what nail colours, oooh what’s my favourite tan?” All. The. Things. My house looked like a cardboard box fort for 2 weeks, and any attempt to watch tv required leaning around corners and avoiding the flying cat chasing after packing peanuts.

So my adorable beauty room is now all set up with Moroccan Tan spray tan, Indio cosmeceuticals skincare, O.P.I nail colours, delicious teas, and pretty candles, ready to spoil everyone who walks in the door.

So, to any people around North Sydney, Crows Nest, Cammeray, please feel free to drop in, even just to say hi!

And please visit http://www.morganelwood.com to see what I’ve been up to!

All my love, xx


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