Changes in trends in the last 10 years alone

Hi beautiful people, this year marks my tenth year as a makeup artist and hair stylist and a lot of clients recently have been asking me if I’ve seen many changes in style over the last decade (!! eeek!!!). It’s crazy to think that yes, ten years ago the work I did for clients, whether for weddings, events or fashion were pretty drastically different to what I’m working on now! And for that reason for a lot of jobs I’ve actually started suggesting tweaks to people’s hair and makeup choices particularly for their wedding photos as I can see now how certain things are going to date in such a short period of time!

When I first started out in makeup, ‘wedding tendrils’ – you know the little pieces of hair pulled out from an up-do on the sides of the forehead or in front of the ears were literallLisay banned in class by my teacher because he hated them that much, and definitely at that stage they were going out of fashion. Well guess what I now get asked for almost every single booking…….. yup. Although I’m asked if I can ‘leave a few pieces out and curl them” to which I normally mutter “wedding tendrils” and go about mu business. Thanks g
od I have a little taste in terms of their location and amount of curl is all I can say – and on some, yes they can help frame the face.

Ten years ago was also the start of the public rediscovery of the hair donut, so everyone wanted a donut involved in their hair style in some way. Styles were much sleeker too, and there was a preference for no hair out of place GHD curls were big too and thick luscious (flat-ish) curls were very in. Now, I haven’t done more than one style in the last year that hasn’t been a soft curled loose bun for a wedding. So… that’s another phIMG_20170304_114308ase I suppose.

What will come next? I have a feeling sleek styled up-do’s are coming back in as we become more and more elegant and simplicity and timelessness makes a return.

In makeup, brows and lips baby courtesy of Kylie
Jenner, are now
the in-thing.  Very soft natural, individually-appropriate brows were the norm when I started out and thank god too because now I’m constantly having to tell my assistants to undo the brow monstrosity they’ve created on a 45 year old woman by trying to create Kardashian style brows. I do however love the return of
big, bold lips in rich, deep colours and perfect nudes. No more bad corals or pinks here. People are choosing a great lip and owning

Eyes haven’t made much of a change (unfortunately for me) and your average minimal liner and individual false lashes are still the thing. Please god someone let me go wild with smokey eyes and to die for liner. Unfortunately many of us IMG_20170121_172749don’t have the eye shape to pull it off and rather get that punched in the face with my eyeshadow brush look when executed poorly. (Thanks Napoleon
for that – yes I’ve see
n your artists’ work.)

Contouring – oh m I love this topic. We learned hardcore contouring a decade ago and it was applied to every client, but it’s only two years ago that you could actually start buying contour kits in Australia!! That’s how long it’s taken for it to go mainstream! Kevin Aucoin was one of the hottest contour advocates and that was a long long time back.

My favourite thing is when magazines do a segment on the next IN eyeshadow shade and look. This season – PURPLE. Lord darling, I’ve been rocking that on intermittent Tuesday’s for the last 6 years. It’s about creativity ladies! Don’t wear the same thing every day, you don’t do it wit
h your wardrobe, why are you
doing in with your makeup?

And on a quick nail note – Stiletto nails are back baby, as is classic 50s style anything which I love. Modern interpretations of past trends is
a favourite, but you have to have the p
ersona to pull it off.

Things to BAN please from the last few years:

Top knots. I will cut it off if you see me with one.
All makeup, ceebs hair – make an effort please.
Blanket foundation, mascara and OTT brows. No it does not look good, or natural. You look like you forgot this thing called colourand blood flow.
Girls in clubs literally item for item copying Kim K, Kylie or Khloe. Honey, find YOU.
Spending an hour on your contour. Ok cool, you need to work on your efficiency.
And finally blush. HAVE WE NOT LEARNED YET? Less is more.

Love always,

L xx


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