Caking and the YouTube Adventure

I FINALLY did it… and uploaded some video tutorials! I am so used to being off camera that being on camera is not only terrifying but so hella awkward. So ignore my terrible camera, editing, speaking and you know…life skills and go check it out for a no-bullshit approach to making yourself look freakin fabulous.

YouTubeSo I did two videos relating to contouring and if you want a written how-to guide, go back and read up here – there’s one on full cream contour for a really professional finish, and my super quick every day contour using powders.

But my thoughts today are on the topic of just how much crap you have to shovel on to your face to achieve this perfect made up contoured look. I don’t know if you’ve seen many other tutorials on how to contour but I have sat open-mouthed watching some by the never-ending process and sheer amount of product these people are piling on. Unfortunately I also find them a little misleading. For your average Joe or Joette (…?) skin texture, spare time, and makeup fundz are no where near up to scratch to achieve the final look you see plastered all over Instagram, let alone Photoshop skills…. contouring

So yeah, my videos are going to be awkward, not exactly professional, but you KNOW you’re learning how I do my makeup daily, minus the bullshit and with limited time. (#workplusownbusinessplusuniplussanity) You can also rest assured that you won’t walk out of the house looking like someone stuck a magazine photo over your face but forgot to fix the hair and dirty t-shirt part.

So let’s have a little reality check ladies and this is going to be a hard truth. With all the Instagram photos, YouTube tutorials, Kylie Jenner and Anastasia highlighting kits out there I’m noticing more and more lovely girls (and some of them more than acquaintances or randoms in the street – eek!) who have such a thick layer of makeup on that they either look a) seriously unmatched between their wardrobe/surroundings vs face or b) I spend 40% of the time talking to them trying to work out if they have skin under there of it this is some weird new Terminator movie I’m in and the layers go makeup > robot.

Now this is hilarious because my brother-in-law used to joke about needing a trowel to get my makeup off. MY GOD HE HAD NO IDEA WHERE THE WORLD WAS HEADING.

But it’s ok. So you got sucked in and have started having moments in the mirror wondering if anyone will notice your face is a completely different shade to your body… or the skin on your shoulders looks 28 but your makeup makes you look 21 and it’s not working together… or you have been talking to me and watching my eyes drop to your jawline and I’m suddenly not really responding as quickly while I ponder…

There is a solution!

  1. Your face does not need to be perfect.
  2. You can look on fleek without spending 2 hours and half a bottle of foundation, lung cancer inducing amounts of powder and 3 different contour kits
  3. You can blend that shit out with a blending brush so you are still flawless minus the cake factor
  4. You can simplify your routine while still looking amazing and saving yourself a shit-tonne (that’ a technical term) of products and time

So start watching guys and let me know what other videos you’d like to see!

All my love,



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