Love is in the air…

Here’s a bit of a soppy one for you today, get the tissues ready, pour your third glass of wine, or put some love songs on YouTube in the background.

A simple question I’m often asked is ‘do you get a lot of bridezillas’ or other nightmare clients, and my answer to this question is always the complete opposite to what people are expecting and goes hand in hand with why I love my job so much.

The fact is, in the past decade+ there is not a single bridezilla client that comes to mind, and maybe only one or two clients I had difficulty satisfying by the end of an appointment.

As a makeup artist, I’m lucky enough to come into the wedding or event really as the ‘fun service provider”. I get to meet people on some of the happiest, most joyful, exciting days of their lives – their wedding day, high school formal, their child’s christening, ball, Christmas party, or even a crazy day at the races. It’s almost impossible for my clients to be in a foul mood under those circumstances!

I don’t have to deal with the stress of detailed plans, decorations or mishaps – I literally get to play ‘Barbie’ and make people look and feel beautiful. And on the way I meet incredible families, inspirational women, learn about different cultures, and share stories. Is there actually a more fun thing to do? I don’t know… change my mind.

So instead of telling you about the dramas (of which I never seem to see), let me tell you some of my favourite memories;

There was the sister-in-law to be who had never had her hair and makeup done, and who had the hardest life, who burst into tears when she saw her reflection, and told me “no one has ever made me feel beautiful before”.

There was the bride who was so laid back she sat down at the table in her wedding dress with full hair and makeup and tucked into Thai food 20 minutes before leaving for her ceremony. I have never lunged at a woman with a napkin so fast in my life.

There was the woman welcoming her first child into the world who chose a stunning traditional ceremony for her baby shower to celebrate her family and culture in the most jaw-dropping colours, fabrics, and jewellery I have ever seen.

There was my ‘little sister’ who I made up for her year 12 formal who made me realise what it must be to watch your own children grow up to become the most beautiful beings on earth.

There was the family who welcomed me into their home at 6 am with sweet strong tea, traditional cooking, and softly-spoken stories of their hopes for their two beautiful daughters.

There was the bride finally marrying her partner after many years together who had a box of chocolates waiting for me and who still sends me photos of her beautiful kitten and son growing up, melting my heart every time.

And more recently there are the strong women I was reunited with years after our first booking who have shown me what happiness, confidence, joy and living life to the fullest really looks like.

So no, my career as a makeup artist has not been a nice little job making women up, or a drama filled reality show of tears and tantrums. It has been a joyful, unbelievable, heart-warming, eye-opening journey and I can’t wait for it to continue for many years to come.

All my love,



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