5 minute makeup cheat sheet

My utterly hilarious friend was looking at a Facebook post the other day at someone showing their “4 minute makeup look”. And to be blatantly honest, our reactions weren’t exactly stellar. This was the not so good side of ‘is she actually wearing makeup’ which is funny because normally I’m ranting about the other end of the spectrum – you know the caked on foundation and contour, but only eyebrows and mascara look which I would like 2017/2018 to LEAVE ALONE.So here’s my essentials guide on your under 5 minutes makeup look.

The key is you aren’t trying to look made up – nor pretty, nor contoured, or anything else. You simply want to look FRESH.

And here is a bold statement which only took me 15 odd years to finally say it. I don’t believe in tinted moisturiser. And let that include BB Creams, CC creams and whatever other weird marketing term they’ve come up for them this week. I have tried many, many a tinted moisturiser hoping in vain it would become my super easy, fresh, summer, beach, daily, just popping to the shops, oh I don’t need foundation, breathable skin solution. LIES all LIES. All I end up with is either a too watery/creamy mess with barely any impact on skin tone, texture and imperfections, or what may as well have been labelled a foundation in the first place. I hate them.

So instead, here’s how I go about quick, and fresh:

1) Slap on the moisturiser and don’t wait for it to absorb

2) Foundation as normal blending out and down the neck but straight on top of your moisturiser with your fingers, this should just glide on. If you literally have 2 minutes for makeup and not even five, skip this and just use concealer under the eyes, on the eyelids, around the nose, chin, and middle of the forehead. This lightens, brightens, and evens out the dark or sallow areas of your face. If you have time for concealer on top of your foundation, just add a little under the eyes.

3) Powder with a big fluffy brush in translucent loose powder

4) Grab a contour brush and sweep on a bronzer or medium shade contour just under your cheekbones, temples, and down the sides of the nose. Don’t be precise, just buff it out to blend quickly and move on. This gives you shape and colour without looking like I ADDED BLUSH SO I WOULD LOOK BRIGHT AND RADIANT.

5) Using the same fluffy brush you used for powder, sweep on a highlighting powder on top of the cheekbones – this will just blend out the contour and hide a multitude of sins

6) Smudge a little black or charcoal eyeshadow on the outer third top and bottom lashes to make your eyes appear larger and more almond. Then if you have dark hair – literally sweep this over your brows for a light fill in. (Sorry blondes, you’ll have to whip out the brow powder or a lighter eyeshadow for this)

7) Super quick lash curl and mascara

8) Worry about lip gloss or balm on your way with whatever is in your handbag

I know that sounds so simple and this has probably been discussed a million times, but sometimes I read or watch things and realise just how different so many people approach the simple stuff! Definitely part of the fundamentals posts and videos that are ~coming soon~!!

So send me your 5 min look or tag me @morganandelwood on insta.

All my love,

L xx

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