How to: Winter Sexy

I know this doesn’t exactly align with any of the northern hemisphere readers, but you can file this in your ‘to read’ pile for later. Winter in Sydney is a funny one anyway, we have the bluest skies, the least rainfall but we also get super excited about bringing out our boots, cute jackets and darkening our hair for that winter look. Hey – we try! Because I am the unflattering kind of white – aka the translucent, might be dying, probably anaemic kind, I still apply a light coat of tan once a week in winter – Either Moroccan Tan Mousse or Model Co Ultra Dark mousse but I only leave it on for about 2 hours. Just enough to take the edge off the living dead look my genes have going for me.


Hair-wise, I had a (pretty terrible) ombré for about a year and at the start of winter, like many of us, I cracked it and went back to my natural dark brown and my god did I feel better. I’m me again!

So here are some pointers on how I adjust my makeup for winter – many ladies out there don’t really understand the transition or why it’s necessary but it almost goes back to the old school ‘seasons’ approach to your style. Any change to your hair colour definitely requires an adjustment to your makeup and I’ll happily do another post on that, so that’s one good reason. They other is your wardrobe has changed, your tan is fading and even the lighting is going to mean your fresh faced, pop of coral colour is going to look a little out of place in dark jackets, your foundation might not match your skin tone any more, and a little extra definition might give you the boost you need being indoors all the time.

First things first, check and adjust your foundation colour. Either purchase a new ‘winter’ skin tone, or mix your summer foundation with a slightly lighter shade of the same brand on the back of your hand in the cooler months. Remember though this doesn’t change the rule of matching your foundation to your arms and chest, NOT your face. Check back here for why.

Being paler, I kiss my bronze eyeshadows and deep Bronze Shimmer Brick goodbye for three months and choose soft neutrals, blacks, greys, or these gorgeous burgundy shades that are very in right now. Smudging out a black pencil eyeliner or just lining with black eyeshadow and applying false lashes give me a thick luscious lash look with a softer look.

img_20180726_200754_2268018656980341932515.jpgGo easy on the bronzers and bronze toned highlighters, I change over to the Beach or Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick, but don’t be scared to contour. You just need to consider that your contour might go into hiding and you might use a shimmer brick or lighter bronzer for contour instead of the bolder contour powders and creams.

Finally, go bold with warm, rich lipsticks – deep rose, reds, even purple or blackcurrant shades (380 – Dark Night Waterl-oops) give that pop of colour without looking too try-hard bright. Don’t be scared of colours you think would look silly – this is the time to mix it up and show off your makeup finesse. Check out my all-time favourite lip shade from Rimmel here (800 Berry Misschief).

Go on sexy, mix it up and tag me @morganandelwood.

All my love,



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