Beauty Horror Stories

I’m pretty sure everyone has at least one of these stories of their own, so being a beauty therapist/makeup artist you are 100% correct in that I have more than a few to tell! Personal experiences and many a client story as well. But hey! That’s how we learn what not to do right?

So whip out your flashlights, get under the covers and creep yourself out with some of these TRUE STORIES….*Names have been changed.

The Trusted Friend

A client of mine came in for a pretty standard eyebrow tidy and lash tint one day and told me of a recent experience one of her friends endured.

Sarah* had her dream day approaching – marrying her best friend in front of loved ones. Her best friend and bridesmaid Kathy* was a beauty therapist and agreed to wax Sarah’s eyebrows… on the day of the wedding.

Now this in itself is a borderline horror story – ladies, number one rule of hair removal – you never ever wax on the day of an event. Not only is there a risk of something going wrong or not to your liking, but waxing normally produces a bit of a raised, red reaction in most skins. Not ideal a few hours before walking down the aisle. 

But it got worse…

In all the pressure of big-day and best-friend waxing.. Kathy applied burning hot wax to Sarah’s eyebrows, resulting in deep, raw, red burns on both eyebrows hours before the wedding. With no possibility of covering it up, treating it, or hiding it… Sarah unfortunately had to apply first aid and hope to god her photographer had some seriously good Photoshop skills.

Something’s a Little Fishy

So we all know the usual rule which is it’s not very polite to get a wax downstairs when you have your period. Not only are you much more sensitive at this time and it will be painful as hell, it’s not very nice for the therapist to have to work around a string… The days of the cup might make this ok now but still… c’mon now.

The other one which is never really discussed is thrush. It happens – I know. And there are even cases where you don’t really know you have it!

However, I had a very close friend once come see me for a full Brazilian, and like many places I always provide a box of baby wipes so you can ‘freshen up’ before hand. She didn’t. And not only did she not… she had possibly the worst case of thrush I have seen. And it was obvious as hell. With external symptoms. And it. was. fucking. gross. Not impressed. Yes I’m wearing gloves, but that’s not the point!

Don’t do it guys. Don’t subject us to that!

Ingrown Hell

This pooooooor girl I had was an example of simple bad luck that created a monthly horror story for her. This was in the early days of laser being rolled out and there were a lot of things that many therapists with little or no training in laser wanted to avoid.

This girl had chronic ingrown hairs. And we’re not talking just the underarms or bikini line – she didn’t even bother getting those done. This was all over the full surface of her thighs, shins and calves.

Problem is that waxing weakens the hair that grows back by creating a small amount of damage to the hair follicle, and that weaker hair has a harder time breaking through the surface of the skin which can often create or worsen cases of ingrown hairs. But she was insistent that shaving made it even worse! So month by month she would come in to have a full leg wax despite our suggestions not to, and we would spend up to TWO HOURS waxing and then tweezing, and removing ingrowns from her legs. My god. I don’t know who had a worse time enduring this, me or her if I’m brutally honest.

Numb as hell

This was actually a hilarious prank my best friend/senior therapist played on me. I was casually wandering around the salon one day and she appears out of no where really close to me and says “DID YOU SEE MY NEW NAPLOLEON LIP GLOSS?? TRY IT” as she smeared some balmy, creamy stuff on my lips. I half spat at her, half screamed “Ew I can apply it myself!!” as she rushed off.

Ten minutes later I’m hunting her down and screeching “I CANB FEEW MY WIPPS!!” She had smeared a chunk of surgical numbing cream all over my lips so I felt like I’d been injected at the dentist with anaesthetic for the next two hours. I’m pretty sure she made it up to me with wine later but I’m still planning my revenge.

Oscar the Grouch

Working in a salon it’s pretty standard for the girls to do treatments on each other before or after opening hours or when things are really quiet. I walked into our salon one day and my best friend/senior therapist grabbed my arm and literally dragged me out to the back kitchen. She turned and looked at me. “DON’T LAUGH. YOU CANNOT LAUGH” and then disappeared. What the hell..?? So I put my things in my locker, put my apron on and headed out to reception where the business owner Miranda* and her favourite ass-kissing therapist Rita* were discussing the day ahead.

My eyes almost burst out of their sockets trying to contain myself and avoid making eye contact with my best friend who was practically having an aneurysm trying not to laugh. Rita had done Miranda’s eyebrows. Rita had not only waxed them into the sharpest, pointiest, most aggressive shape I have seen in my life, but had tinted them BLACK, without protecting the surrounding skin with Vaseline in the process. Keep in mind Miranda had very light brown hair…  The end result was literally staring in the face of Oscar the Grouch and enduring a week of Miranda stating how ‘happy she was with the job Rita had done, and oh I’m sure they’ll fade a little – that’s just the fresh tint…” Sure… sure it is.

The Horror Story to End All Horror Stories

Last but not least and I believe I’ve mentioned this in another post, the absolute most horrifying beauty disaster I’ve witnessed was unfortunately too close for comfort. It was Thursday evening around 5:30 pm in the middle of summer in the city and we had back to back spray tans booked for the next few hours. There was literally a waiting room full of girls in line for their appointment and we were down to one spray tanning booth that day.

One of our regulars rushed in when I called her and I gave her a minute to undress before I stepped back in and started tanning. We were about half way through, when the cold spray reached her inner thighs. She made a funny little ‘Ooh’ noise, and next thing I know she is full on race horse peeing ALL. OVER. THE. TANNING. BOOTH. AND. HERSELF.

Nothing in life prepares you for this situation. So I backed out slowly and said ‘oh.. I’ll.. go get you some paper towel” as she screeched in embarrassment trying to apologise while knowing there was no way of stopping the flow at this point.

I walked calmly out to reception and whispered in my cow of a salon manager’s ear that I had a problem out back. She was PISSED. But her face changed when I said for the third time at slightly increasing volumes “my client has just PEED in my spray tan”.

Cue utter panic – boiling water, towels, disinfectant, garbage bags and paper towel while my poor client mopped up what she could, re-dressed and literally RAN out of the salon crying despite our offers of a shower in our bathroom. Poor girl, my god.

Needless to say she never returned and we lost a regular, and a side note that I now have weird anxiety about people peeing anywhere near me…

All my love!

L xx

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